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Strictly Automotive in Denver, CO was founded in 1989.  Twin goals of 100% customer satisfaction and growth through referrals have given us a reputation unparalleled in this industry. Because of this, we have a wide range of customers, as we specialize in mechanically servicing all Japanese and American vehicles.  Most of our revenue comes from the repair and maintenance of normal cars and trucks (i.e. the family car, the SUV, truck or van). 

Over the years, our fleet and commercial clients have enjoyed a unique opportunity to minimize their expenses.  They have seen their average invoice dramatically lowered with no padded expenses: fix only what's broken and fix it correctly the first time. Downtime is minimized.

In addition to our service department, we have a sister company that sells vehicles:

Strictly Auto Sales.


Once you have purchased the perfect vehicle, the next task is taking care of it. Just like a child needs regular check-ups, so does your car. We can help you understand what kind of service is most important and will do the work without trying to convince you to do any unnecessary repairs.

While buying a car is stressful, we understand that service can be even more so. Our team has worked on a variety of Japanese and American cars from vintage antiques to more modern, foreign vehicles.

Our customers know that their vehicles are in good hands when they leave them with us. At Strictly Auto, we care just as much (maybe more) as you do about your vehicle's reliability.